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Proud Owners of iTero Intraoral Scanner in Chicago

At Archer Dental we utilize the most advanced dental equipment in order to ensure the highest quality, comfort and safety of every treatment. We implemented iTero 3D scanner to produce high-resolution 3D images of your teeth and gums. We then use the 3D models to assess the condition of your teeth and to make crowns, bridges, implants and braces and plan Invisalign treatment.

How Does Intraoral Scanner Work? Is It Dangerous?

The iTero scans the surface of your teeth and gums and creates a digital ‘impression’ of your teeth, which is just another word for image.


The dentist uses the ‘wand’ (yes, like a magician), to scan each tooth inside your mouth. The scans immediately show up on computer. The software then stitches the images together to create a 3D image.


Intraoral scanners, including iTero, don’t present any danger to the human eye or emit ionizing radiation (x-ray).

What Is The Benefit Of iTero Intraoral Scanner?

With iTero we are able to create a virtual model of your teeth in under 1 minute, without any discomfort of traditional x-ray or the uncomfortable dental impression goo. In only seconds, your dental team at Archer Dental Chicago will be able to show you the current condition of your teeth (we call it a Health Scan) and create a simulation of your smile with its ideal spacing and alignment. 


With the high resolution capability of iTero scanner the hygienists and dentists at Archer Dental can identify dental problems like early decay or microscopic fractures in seconds. Diagnosing these problems with old-fashioned methods is much more complicated and allows room for error.

This means that at Archer Dental we can give you a diagnosis with greater accuracy, while also saving your time.

What Is a Health Scan?

Health Scan is a virtual model of your teeth, gums and occlusion. At Archer Dental we offer complimentary Health Scan with every comprehensive exam. It allows our dentists to study your teeth, gums and occlusion in a way what was not possible before. It also allows us to see that changes that took place between appointments side by side. Best part is that you never pay for it, even if it’s not covered by your insurance!

Request your Health Scan Appointment
We will be able to see and measure what changes have occurred and possibly prevent some serious dental problems!
You Scanned My Teeth, Now What?

Your Health Scan is very beneficial for you in the long run. Never before a dentist was able to capture teeth shape, relative position, gum architecture and bite. So when you come in for your routine 6-month check up you dentist will compare your previous Health Scan with the one from today. We will be able to see and measure what changes have occurred and possibly prevent some serious dental problems!


Look at this gum recession that took place over 6 month period!

ITero and Invisalign

Another benefit of this technology is that you can see the possible outcome we can achieve with Invisalign before you start your treatment. After we have digital models of your teeth and gums we use Invisalign software to show you outcome simulation (we call it Clincheck). It shows how your teeth will move during the Invisalign treatment and shows before/after pictures with your smile.

Health Scan Can Save You From Serious Dental Problems

Oftentimes, we obtain Health Scan when Dr. Tony or Dr. Alex suspect unbalanced occlusion or observe severe teeth damage or receding gums. If this is the case, our dentist will show you occlusal heat map [ see pictures ] Red indicates the spots of abnormally tight occlusion. Most of the time, if not corrected, can cause tooth and/or gum pathology. However, if diagnosed in time, we will be able to save your teeth and gums from further deterioration.


These two health scans show two different occlusion heat maps, that allow the dentist to study how forces are distributed between the jaws and diagnose potential problems caused by improper bite.

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