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Your Invisalign Journey

Are you ready to have the straight smile that you’ve dreamed about with Invisalign? If yes, in order to get your treatment plan you need to schedule an Invisalign consultation with Archer Dental. First appointments are the most important ones to get you on the path to achieving a beautiful smile.

Invisalign Request Appointment
Free Invisalign Consultation

If you are interested in Invisalign, but don't know if it will be right for you, you can set up an initial evaluation with Archer Dental. During this appointment your dentist will examine your teeth and bite to let your know if Invisalign is a good option for treating your particular situation. 

A digital 3D scan will be taken of your teeth using intraoral scanner iTero in order to create a digital 3D model of your teeth.  We will also create an animation to show the progression in which the teeth will move. You will be able to see the expected result!

Your Invisalign Prescription

When all your clinical information has been collected, your Invisalign Doctor will fill out a prescription for Invisalign. There you will see information about the current status of your teeth, your treatment plan, and what tooth alignment changes are expected. Once your dentist approves the treatment plan, your Invisalign clear aligners will be produced.

Begin Your Treatment

When Invisalign manufactures your aligners and mails them to us, you will be ready to start your treatment. At your next appointment, your dentist will help you to discuss how many hours per day you’ll be required to wear the aligners, and how you will take care of them. This is when you will receive your series of aligners and instruction on when to change them out for the next one.

Come in for a FREE consultation to get started with your Invisalign journey!


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