Crowns and Bridges - Lasting and Elegant Dental Solutions

Are you missing a tooth?

Do you have a tooth that stands out because it's stained, broken, or misshapen?

Is a highly sensitive tooth keeping you from enjoying the hot and cold foods you love?

Does the way your teeth look cause you to hide your smile behind your hand?

If any of those scenarios sounds familiar to you, then you're probably a prime candidate for a beautiful crown or bridge from Archer Dental.

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Also known as caps, dental crowns are commonly thought of as 'gold teeth.' In reality, however, your crown doesn't have to be made of something as visible as gold. Most crowns these days are made from pure ceramic or have a metal core and porcelain covering.

At Archer Dental, we commonly recommend crowns for teeth with:

  • Extensive decay

  • Root canal treatment

  • Multiple and/or large fillings

  • Fractures

  • Worn enamel

We also place caps designed to fit over the top of a dental implant.

How does a dental crown work?

Our dentist will carefully trim away any old fillings, cavities, and damaged tissues from your tooth. This leaves behind the solid but weak and sensitive core part of your tooth.

The dentist takes an impression of this prepared tooth and uses that as the foundation for designing the cap. Your customized crown will protect and support the exposed core, keeping your tooth healthy... and letting you hold onto it longer!

Watch this video to understand what is a dental crown.

Bridging the Gap

What can you do if your tooth is missing altogether?

Happily, our successful crown technology can help you out there, as well.

A dental bridge is a false tooth suspended over the spot where a tooth used to be. This fake tooth is called a 'pontic' and it's supported by crowns placed on the teeth on either side of the gap.

So why even bother with closing that gap, at all?

You may feel that it's not a big deal to be missing a back tooth. But in reality, completing your smile with a restoration like a bridge is going to have a bigger effect than you might realize.

A dental bridge:

  • Prevents teeth from shifting out of alignments

  • Takes years off of your smile

  • Helps you chew normally

  • Enhances the natural beauty of your smile

Dental crowns and bridges will give your teeth years of protection and support. But besides this, they're going to look great because of being color-matched to your smile.

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Watch this video to understand what is a dental bridge and how it can help you if a tooth is missing.

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