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Orthodontic Care At Archer Heights in Chicago , IL

We are proud to offer world-class orthodontic care to kids, teens and adults of Chicago and Chicagoland. In addition to providing full range of orthodontic treatments, including braces and Invisalign, we strive to be a trusted source of information for your dental health. Naturally, that includes useful tips on what to do in case of an braces emergency. You can also find braces instructions here, where you can read about how to take care of your braces on a daily basis. 

What Should I do In an Orthodontic Emergency?

At Archer Dental we value your time and our time. Always know that you can give us a call and describe your problem or concern. Most common orthodontic "emergencies" can be fixed over the phone. Our experienced team will be able to give you advice or schedule you at your earliest convenience if needed.

Another piece of advice: be sure to let your dentist know if something is poking or hurting you before you leave the office.

Types Of Braces Emergencies:
Loose bracket

The most common type of ‘’emergency’’ is a loose bracket. You bit down on granola bar and now one of the brackets is hanging on the wire ? This isn’t an emergency, unless you are experiencing severe discomfort or pain. Most of the times the  bracket will hang on the elastic or metal tie, unless it's on one of the back teeth. If the bracket fully comes off, just be sure that you bring it with you for the next scheduled appointment.

Poking ligature tie

Sometimes orthodontists use metals ligature to hold the archwire in place. The end of ligature tie - “pigtail” can be dislodged by the food and if so, it can poke your gum, lip or cheek. The first advice - just try to tuck it under the wire or push it toward the bracket with Q-tip or pencil eraser. If this doesn’t work - use orthodontic wax to protect your lips and gums.

Canker sore or ulcer

Canker sores can occur with your mouth is getting used to braces. If they are painful, you can always apply Oragel, or stick orthodontics wax on the opposing bracket. You can take over-the-counter Advil or Tylenol and make sure to stay hydrated.

Swallowing an appliance

Thankfully, it doesn’t happen as often as one might think. If it happens, there is no risk for health. Be it brackets, ligature ties or orthodontic wax - it should not be a big concern, since our digestive tract is very flexible and will get reed of the foreign body on it’s own.

Do not try to catch your bracket you swallowed on the other side! And don’t bring it to the office!

Poking wire

The archwire is out of place or simply because your teeth are moving and spare wire sticks out in the back. It always can be adjusted with your dentist during your emergency orthodontic visit, but also all our patients receive orthodontic wax, that you can use to block out the sharp area until you see the dentist.

Lost elastics over bracket

Elastic holds the archwire in the slot, if you see it missing, no worries. It’s not an emergency.

It can wait until the next appointment.


Regardless of the type of emergency we are open 6 days a week. If something unexpected happens, we are always here for you.

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