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Save On Dental Cost with Our Archer Dental Savings Club

Life without Dental Insurance does not have to be stressful. Especially now, when many Chicagoans are loosing their healthcare coverage due to unemployment during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are concerned about paying full-price for dental care without insurance, you came to the right place.  With our Archer Dental Savings Club, once-a-year flat fee is all that is needed to cover your routine preventative dental care for 12 months and give you access to a long list of member-only discounts. With our savings plan, you will be able to save every single time you come to see us. Moreover, you will not have to deal with deductibles, claims, waiting for approvals, or annual maximums like with traditional dental insurance. To learn more about our plan and sign up today, give us a call at 773-581-1345.

Fees and Benefits

for 1st family member


per year

for 2nd family member


per year

for 3rd family member


per year

Plan Includes

2 dental exams

2 dental cleanings

1 emergency exam w/ X-rays

1 additional set of X-rays

Additional Benefits

30% OFF

30% OFF

20% OFF

20% OFF

20% OFF

10% OFF

deep cleaning

periodontal maintenance


tooth extractions


endodontic treatment

How the Archer Dental Savings Club Works

The plan is pretty straight forward. To enroll, you pay a one-time annual fee for each member in your family. This fee gives you coverage for everyone’s basic dental care, this includes:

  • 2 dental exams

  • 2 dental cleanings

  • 1 emergency exam w/ X-rays

  • 1 additional set of X-rays


Being a member of our dental savings club gives you access to great discounts on the rest of the services like crowns, bridges, tooth extractions and gum therapy to treat infected gum tissue.

The best part is that the prices you can expect to pay are comparable to what you would pay using dental insurance, except you will not have to deal with annual maximums, deductibles, waiting times and claims.  Our Archer Dental Savings Club is designed to help you and make your life easier.

If you would like to save or share this information, you can download our detailed brochure in English or in Spanish by clicking on the link!

It is important to understand, that while Archer Dental Savings Club is not insurance, it really allows you to save money and make life easier. When you add up the cost of most common treatments, it would typically be about $1000-$2000. When you account for a small family, being a member saves you thousands of dollars and your family gets to maintain their oral health for years to come! Archer Dental Chicago is happy to offer you some of the most affordable rates currently available on the market.

How to enroll in  Archer Dental Savings Club?

To enroll Archer Dental Savings Club, you need to pay for the membership in full at the time of enrollment . Once that is our of the way, you or your family will be guaranteed the benefits for 1 year from the day you enroll. Keep in mind that our plan does not offer coverage for implants or veneers. Discounts are also not applicable to treatments that the patient has already begun.

Like tooth fairy, but for adults!

Join Today to Start Saving Right Away!

Archer Dental Savings Club is already helping those who need it most today: Chicagoans who have been laid off and lost their dental coverage. You will quickly realize that after your first or second visit the cost of your annual fee will pay for itself. Basic dental care is a necessity and should be done yearly to preserve your teeth in good condition. Also it ensured that your will NOT need  expensive or invasive treatments later. We help our patients to  catch and stop problems before they start.

For more information on our Archer Dental Savings Club, please give us a call today at 773-581-1345!

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