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Professional Teeth Whitening

Archer Dental's Deep Teeth Whitening is the most safe and the fastest way to get your teeth as white as they can be. Even the most dramatic results can be achieved in an hour. 


Choose a movie, lie down in our chair and let the dentist do the job. You won’t find a more relaxing and pleasant way to get your teeth sparkling white.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Archer Dental's Deep Teeth Whitening can be performed for people who have sensitive teeth and can not wear home whitening trays. Not all patients will experience sensitivity after whitening, but it can happen in some cases. Some people may experience sensitivity towards the end of the whitening procedure, some in the hours after whitening. Our dentist will recommend you a toothpaste that will strengthen your enamel and alleviate sensitivity. Most patients do not need to take painkillers for this. However, if you are nervous that you might experience sensitivity, you may consider taking some gentle painkillers before your appointment.

How Long Do Whitening Results Last?

Longevity of your whitening results depends on the habits you may have, if you smoke, drink red wine or eat food that may stain your teeth. If you minimize the frequency of these habits, of course your results will last longer. Normally, you can expect them to last 1-3 years. If you do smoke, we would recommend getting home whitening trays to maintain your results when desired. Also, we recommend having a regular teeth cleaning appointment to help maintain your bright smile .

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From Teeth Whitening At The Dentist?

It's not a secret that there is a limit to how white your teeth will naturally get. Archer Dental's Deep Teeth Whitening will get your teeth as white as they can be without opting for porcelain veneers. Usually, your teeth can lighten by nine to twelve shades in one 45 minute session. This level of whiteness will vary from person to person.

Before Getting Your Teeth Whitening

Why have a dental cleaning before whitening? 

Dental teeth cleaning before whitening helps to remove tartar, thus making whitening more effective. We require all our patients to have a teeth cleaning before the whitening treatment.

Can I get whitening if I have cavities?

Cavities need to be treated before undergoing any whitening procedure. This is because the whitening solutions penetrate into any existing decay and the inner areas of the tooth, which can cause sensitivity.

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Reasons Why Teeth Change Color

Over time, your enamel can go from a bright white to dull and yellow for a few reasons:

Certain foods and beverages can stain your teeth
Most common staining culprits are coffee, tea and red wine. All these beverages have one thing in common: strong color pigments called chromogens that attach to the tooth enamel.

Use of tobacco
There are 2 chemicals found in tobacco that can cause staining: tar and nicotine. Tar is naturally dark. Nicotine itself is colorless, but turns yellow when it’s mixed with oxygen. Both of those components stain enamel of the teeth.

Teeth can yellow with age
Underneath the outer layer of your teeth (aka enamel) is a tissue called dentin. Over time, the outer enamel layer gets thinner with brushing and more of the yellowish dentin shows through.

Your tooth may change color if it's been hit with impact before. The tooth reacts to an injury by increasing the amount of dentin, which is naturally darker and located under the enamel. 

Some antihistamines, antipsychotics and high blood pressure medications can cause teeth darkening. Children who take antibiotics like tetracycline and doxycycline during the teeth formation (either in the womb or as a baby) may experience discoloration of their adult teeth later in life. Chemotherapy can also darken teeth color.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From Teeth Whitening At The Dentist?

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