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How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign in Chicago usually costs $3500-$5400 total.

At Archer Dental believe that dental care should be accessible. Here you can get an understanding of the price of clear aligners at our clinic. 

Here you can find examples of payment options and Invisalign cost for different cases which will help you get a good estimate of how much you should expect to pay for the full treatment and see the average cost of Invisalign.

Just like traditional braces, the cost of treatment varied case by case. Some factors that may affect cost include things like the severity of alignment issues, treatment time, how well the patient adheres to treatment and experience level of the orthodontist.


Also, understanding potential associated costs will help you sort through your options later.

Contact us if you are considering Invisalign.
Factors That Affect Invisalign Cost
  • Length of treatment

  • Current state of oral health

  • Type of malocclusion: misaligned teeth, crowding, overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, etc

  • Number of aligner trays necessary

  • Whether attachments are needed or not, number of attachments

  • Invisalign provider's location. Central urban areas are always more expensive. Invisalign at Archer Heights, Chicago will cost a bit less than Invisalign in Gold Coast Chicago.

Associated Costs of Invisalign

When you pay for your Invisalight treatment you’re paying for (1) the clear aligner trays themselves and (2) the labor costs of your doctor, assistants and cost of technology needed to perform your treatment.

At Archer Dental we use 3D cone beam X-ray and iTero intraoral scanner to perform a complete diagnosis of each case. This technology allows out doctors to create the most comprehensive treatment plan. Moreover, you will even be able to see how your smile will look before you even begin the treatment!

Some orthodontists may ask $100-200 for the initial consultation. At Archer Dental your consultation is free. 

Some patients might require continuing treatment via nighttime retainer for some months after initial treatment. After care costs are small, however, it's something you should ask your orthodontist before you begin your treatment.

Some patients with less severe alignment issues may qualify for a "lighter" version called "Invisalign Express". The program costs less and has a shorter treatment time. 

Invisalign Express Cost

If your teeth need minimum straightening Invisalign Express might be a good option for you. Invisalign express is the cheapest teeth aligners option available from Invisalign. If your teeth started to move back after previous orthodontic treatment, or you have small spaces between your teeth that you want to correct,  this might be a great option for you. Treatment is predictably faster and more affordable.

Invisalign Express can cost $1,500-3000, depending on the amount of clear aligners you will require. 

How To Save Money On Invisalign Aligners?

This definitely will require some creativity.

Below we discuss how you can use your insurance plan, FSA and HSA to get the most our of it. Another option is to use affordable financing for Invisalign and other dental treatments. Affordable financing for Invisalign will give you an option to pay for your orthodontic treatment in monthly payments.  The information you provide to LendingPoint will determine how much is Invisalign a month in your case. You can learn more about Lending Point here.

Patients can also deduct medically necessary expenses (this includes dental and orthodontic treatments like Invisalign) from their tax return. The expenses are deductible if they exceed 7.5% of the patient's adjusted gross income. Tip from us, save all your receipts!

How Much Is Invisalign Without Insurance?

Invisalign price does not depend whether you have insurance or no. Like we already discussed, average price for Invisalign hovers around $4500. Having insurance changes how much the insurance plan will cover, the rest of the cost is paid by the patient. Having financing plan for clear aligners can help spread the cost over time. Depending on the downpayment, financial situation and the time of financing, payments can start as low as $99 per month.  Ask our team members at Archer Dental to help you get started with dental financing plan.

Do Government Programs Help Pay For Invisalign?

Many people ask "Will Medicare or Medicaid help me pay for Invisalign braces?" The answer is "probably not".

Medicare will not help pay for Invisalign treatment, because usually it is for those at least 65 years old and will only cover emergency-related costs. Medicaid this is probably a losing option as well. Once again, government assisted programs usually focus on emergencies and treatments that are absolutely necessary. 

Does Insurance Cover Invisalign? How Much Does Invisalign Cost With Insurance?

Many insurance companies cover clear aligner treatments just any other orthodontic treatment. Some plans classify Invisalign treatments cosmetic procedures and do not cover them. There are also insurance plans that may cover part of the services, percentage of the treatment cost or a fixed dollar amount. Most insurance companies ave have a lifetime limit on orthodontic benefits. 

During past couple of years, dental insurance plans are more open to covering orthodontic treatments like Invisalign. You should do your research and talk with your insurance company regarding your Invisalign treatment, because there is a possibility you will be able to save money on Invisalign through your plan. The cap on most plans is $1,000-1,500 per year, but there are dental insurance plans that cover braces and have a limit of $3,500 or more.

You can call your benefits manager or insurance plan provider and ask what your benefits are for orthodontic treatments. When choosing your dentist, ask what coverage they accept. You can call us directly at (773) 581-1345.

Best Invisalign Prices In Chicago. Affordable Invisalign Prices
Invisalign Express 5

Cost-effective treatment for minor crowding and spacing. Only upper OR lower teeth.

Invisalign Express 5 Upper and Lower

Minor corrections treatment option for upper and lower teeth.

Invisalign Express 7

Minor crowding, spacing, or pre-restorative corrections that can be addressed in 7 or fewer stages of aligners. Only upper OR lower teeth.

Invisalign Express 7 Upper and Lower

Minor crowding, spacing, or pre-restorative corrections for upper and lower teeth. Projected treatment time: up to 6 months.

Invisalign Lite

Problems like mild overcrowding, spaces, and alignment issues can be easily fixed with Invisalign Lite.

Maximum of 14 aligner trays. Projected treatment time: 7 months.

Invisalign FULL

Projected treatment time: 12 to 24 months, varies by case. Additional Aligners available at no additional charge for 5 years

Come in for a FREE consultation to see which Invisalign option is best for you!


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