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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

About the Service

Experience seamless wisdom tooth extraction with our expert team. Whether your wisdom teeth are causing discomfort, crowding, or risking oral health complications, we prioritize your comfort and well-being throughout the process. Utilizing advanced techniques and sedation options, we ensure minimal discomfort and optimal outcomes. Trust us for a smooth and stress-free extraction, promoting a swift recovery and preserving your oral health. Say goodbye to wisdom tooth discomfort and hello to a healthier smile with our wisdom tooth extraction services.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Dentist In Chicago

Are you experiencing discomfort from loose, painful, or fractured teeth? Perhaps you're noticing the emergence of a wisdom tooth?

Despite efforts to avoid tooth extraction, leaving problematic wisdom teeth untreated can lead to further complications. If you're experiencing discomfort due to wisdom teeth issues, it may be time to consider extraction.

At Archer Dental, Dr. Anton has been performing wisdom teeth removal in Chicago for many years, utilizing the latest techniques and ensuring a gentle touch throughout the procedure.

Why do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Patients of all ages may require dental extractions for various reasons, including:

  • Loss of bone and gum support around the tooth
  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Severe damage to the tooth
  • Removal of stubborn baby teeth to accommodate adult teeth
  • Creation of space for orthodontic treatment

Many patients in the Chicago area seek pain-free dental treatments. While some discomfort may occur post-extraction during the recovery period, Dr. Anton endeavors and excels at making the procedure as comfortable as possible.

We offer local anesthesia to alleviate any discomfort, and for those experiencing anxiety, we provide medication or Nitrous Oxide to help calm your nerves. Your extraction will be efficiently performed, and Dr. Anton will provide instructions for a quick and complete recovery at home.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Chicago

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, can pose various issues if they do not erupt properly. While some individuals may never experience issues with their wisdom teeth, others may face complications such as impaction or difficulty in cleaning, leading to gum disease or cavities.

Dr. Zhadovich typically recommends removing wisdom teeth as soon as possible to avoid potential complications. It's often more convenient to extract all third molars at once, rather than addressing issues individually.

However, determining whether extraction is necessary requires a professional evaluation by a dentist specializing in wisdom teeth removal in Chicago.

Treatment for Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If one or more wisdom teeth are impacted, immediate attention is required. An impacted tooth grows in the wrong direction while still under the gums, potentially damaging neighboring teeth while also increasing the odds of infection. Treatment for impacted wisdom teeth usually  involves locating their position using X-rays and planning an extraction. Dr. Zhadovich carefully opens the bone and gum tissue surrounding the impacted teeth, then removes the offending wisdom tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's Some Common Questions We Get

What happens if you don't get your wisdom teeth removed?
How are wisdom teeth removed?
When should you get your wisdom teeth extracted?
When can I brush my teeth after wisdom tooth extraction?
What instructions should I follow after wisdom tooth extraction?

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

Before the extraction, a thorough dental examination and 3D X-rays are conducted to assess the teeth's condition. Anesthesia is administered to numb the area, ensuring a comfortable experience for the patient.

For non-impacted wisdom teeth, extraction is straightforward and typically involves the use of dental tools. However, impacted teeth may require oral surgery to access the tooth, which involves creating a flap in the gum tissue to provide clear access to the tooth. The area is then carefully cleaned and sutured to promote healing.

Choose Archer Dental for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Chicago

Wisdom teeth removal Chicago; professional dentist giving information about wisdom teeth

At Archer Dental, our highly skilled team ensures safe and efficient wisdom teeth extractions. Before the procedure, a comprehensive examination is conducted to assess the teeth's condition and minimize risks.

During the extraction, our professionals administer local anesthesia and nitrous oxide as needed to ensure patient comfort. We prioritize patient safety and provide detailed instructions for postoperative care to promote a smooth recovery process.

Trust Archer Dental for expert wisdom teeth removal in Chicago, and experience compassionate care and optimal oral health outcomes.