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Archer Dental is a family dental clinic in Archer Heights area in Chicago. We welcome patients of all ages to our clinic. At Archer Dental, we are proud to offer you comprehensive dental care —we can meet most of your needs in our conveniently located office.
About Archer Dental

What Makes Us Different?

Compassionate Care

We prioritize empathy, ensuring our patients feel valued and supported throughout their entire dental journey from start to finish.

Excellence in Service

We always strive to deliver top-tier dental care with precision and professionalism, striving for excellence in every aspect of our practice.


Our team collaborates closely with each patient, involving them in their treatment plans to tailor their dental experience to their preferences and goals.
The Archer Dental Team

Meet Our Dental Team

Dr. Anton Zhadovich

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Dr. Anton Zhadovich’s history with dentistry begins from childhood, in Belarus, where he watched his father become a well recognized prosthodontist. In 2010 Dr. Anton Zhadovich graduated from Belarussian State Medical University and in 2013 he received Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dr. Vikash Huliyar

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Dr. Huliyar specializes in endodontics, driven by a commitment to preserving natural teeth and preventing painful conditions. With extensive experience in general dentistry and endodontics, Dr. Huliyar is dedicated to delivering compassionate and comprehensive dental care to his patients.


Office Manager
Roxanna is the warm and welcoming face of Archer Dental, ensuring every patient feels like family from the moment they walk in. With a knack for making everyone feel at ease and her impeccable attention to detail, she ensures that every interaction is as comfortable and pleasant as possible, leaving patients with smiles that match her own!
The Archer Dental Team

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Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant
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