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7 Tricks To Keep Red Wine From Staining Your Teeth

It’s December—which means the clinking of wine glasses may be in your near future. Also in your future: purple-tinged teeth after your third glass of Pinot Noir.

Ahead, seven tricks to keep your pearly whites pearly and white. Cheers!

1.Brush Before, Not After

Dentists say that brushing your teeth right after drinking wine can damage your tooth enamel, since the high acidity of wine make your teeth super sensitive to abrasion. Instead, brush your teeth and hour or so before. Why? Wine clings to and stains the plaque in your teeth, so brushing it away before you drink will decrease your chances of a wine-stained smile.

2.Sparkling Water

Swish it around in your mouth and allow the bubbles to loosen up and scrub away the stains.


Wine and cheese go together like a smoky eye and nude lip. Eating cheese will cause calcium to build up on your teeth, as well as close the tiny micro-pores on the surface—a.k.a. make it way more difficult for wine to stain your teeth. Stick to hard cheese, since they have more calcium (and are usually healthier!).


That spinach salad you ordered as appetizer? Perfect choise. Foods with high fiber content, like broccoli, brussel sprouts, and potatoes, help produce your mouth produce more saliva and scrub away the stains as you chew.

5.No White Wine Before

We’ve all been there—we start with white wine to “take things slow”, and the next thing we know, we’re guzzling Pinot Noir like there’s no tomorrow. Try to avoid this at all costs—mainly because the acidity of white wine erodes your enamel and basically acts as a primer, making the red wine tannins “stick” to your teeth more. But also because, you know, self-control.

6.Post-Wine: Gum

This one is a no-brainer. Chew gum after you are done with wine to keep your teeth bright.

7.Post-Wine: The Lime Trick

We’ll start this off with a WARNING: use this trick VERY sparingly. The high acidity of lime can wear down your tooth enamel over time, so only employ this in case of emergency. If your teeth are grape-tinged and you suddenly remember that, for example, you have to give a toast in front of hundreds of people. Rub a slice of lime gently against your teeth and lips, and watch the stains disappear. But, like we said: in case of emergency ONLY.

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